Texas Scramble 2015 results

Although the numbers were low, it was encouraging that there were entries from some new clubs. It is a great event and please come and play in the 2016 event! 

It was a gloriously warm and sunny day 0n 21 July 2015 at Tenterden Golf Club for the 2015 Texas Scramble, enjoyed by all the competitors and although some found the course testing with a few blind holes and the occasional dodgy bounce, it didn’t detract from them having a fun game of golf and returning some excellent scores.

Tenterden were very welcoming and we are extremely grateful to them for allowing us to use them as a venue.

1st Ingrid Long Sundridge Park GC Nett 62
Anne Marie Forrester Sundridge Park GC
Sal Sheringham Ashford Golf Club





2nd Gina Phillips Nizels GC Nett 63.5
Tricia Newson Nizels GC
Liese Aling Nizels GC





3rd Nicola Jones Nizels GC Nett 65.1
Sarah Chuter Nizels GC
Luisa Makepeace Nizels GC





Nearest the Pin Anne Marie Forrester Sundridge Park GC
2’s  1ST Nicola Jones Sarah Chuter Luisa Makepeace

Nizels GC


 16th/18th Ingrid Long Anne Marie Forrester Sal Sheringham

Sundridge Park GC

Ashford GC


 4th / 18th

Gina Phillips

Tricia Newson

Liese Aling

                                  Nizels GC

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