Kent County Club ​Team Challenge ​Shield

The Rules of this Competition state the following: For the three best Scratch returns of 36 holes of any Club entering with a team of 3 to 5 players.

At the Kent Championships this year (2018) a decision was made not to present the Kent County Club ​Team Challenge ​Shield as it was deemed to have been uncontested with only Chart Hills having the requisite number of players to represent them.

​However, as a result of discussions after the event, it has been concluded that this decision was in fact incorrect and that despite there being no contenders, the Shield should still have been presented to them. This error will ​now be rectified. Many apologies go to Chart Hills for this unfortunate ​error.

So, Chart Hills have been informed that they are the winners of this Shield for the 3rd consecutive year and many congratulations must go to them. The 3 players whose scores counted this year were Nicole Stewart with a gross 153 (77, 76), Darcie Smith with a gross 159 (84, 75) and Olivia Heard with a gross 170 (84, 86). Considering the very tough and wet conditions these scores were very commendable. We hope to present the Shield to the girls at the next 1st Team Coaching Session on Friday, 11th May at Pedham.​

L to R: Nicole Stewart, Darcie Smith and Olivia Heard


Some interesting facts about this Club Team Shield:

This was first played for in 1913​ with the first ever winners being Park Langley ​Golf Club (as it was known then). Soon after, World War I broke out, and the Shield was not played for again until 1920 with the newly named Langley Park Golf Club being the winners. There was of course another period from 1940 to 1946 when it was not contested.

Eighteen different clubs have won this Shield over the span of 106 years that it has been played for, with a few one time winners (some Clubs more well known than others), namely, Foxgrove, Maidstone, Hythe, North Foreland and Faversham.

Prince’s have won it by far the most times (19), Sundridge Park next (13), Langley Park (11), Rochester and Cobham (10) and Chislehurst (9 – tied with Royal Blackheath in 1950).

The other worthy winners have been Wildernesse (5), Royal Cinque Ports (5), Chart Hills (5), Wrotham Heath (4), Knole Park (3), West Kent (2) and Littlestone (2).

Many of these clubs have had back to back wins (some more than once) but only Chislehurst (in 1936/37/38), Prince’s (twice – in 1956/57/58 and 1969/70/71), Royal Cinque Ports (in 1990/91/92), Sundridge Park (in 2007/8/9) and finally of course Chart Hills (in 2016/17/18) have won it for 3 consecutive years with no Club having won it four times in a row (all to play for!?).

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