Three Feathers rules 2019


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Please read these rules in conjunction with the KCGLA General Competition Conditions 2019

Entries to be received by 20 January 2019

1. Date of Final: Sunday 1 September 2019

2. Venue: Wildernesse

3. County Organiser: Marina Bobeldijk –

4. Format: Individual Knock-out tournament off handicap for players aged 18 years and over in 3 divisions, Plus-15 16-22 23-36. The handicaps to be at the time of the entry closing date. Handicap allowance full difference in handicap. If a player’s handicap increases and is outside the limit of the division, she must play off the maximum handicap in that division. If a player’s handicap reduces and is below the handicap range, she must stay in the division but play off her new handicap.

5. Entry Fee: £5.00 per player

6. Eligibility: No player may represent more than one club during the course of the event.

7. Dates offered: The home player must make contact and offer at least four dates both weekday and weekend dates spread over not less than 14 days and contact their opponent within 14 days of the relevant draw date. If she fails to do this, the opponent may claim the home draw.

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