Lohan Trophy rules 2019

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Please read these rules in conjunction with the KCLGA General Competition Conditions 2019

Entries to be received by 20 January 2019.

1. Date of Final: Sunday 1 September 2019

2. Venue: Wildernesse

3. County Organiser: lohan@kentladiesgolf.co.uk

4. Format: Match play Knock-Out Foursomes tournament off handicap. Both Adult and Junior players must have a CONGU competition handicap. Handicap allowance is half of the difference in combined handicaps.

5. Entry Fee: Waived for 2019

6. Eligibility: The Junior member of the team must be under 18 years of age on 1 January 2019. Both the Adult and Junior members of the team must be members of the same KCLGA affiliated club. Ideally, the adult member of the partnership to be as low a handicap as possible and be an experienced player who can guide her young partner through the art of match play. Relatives may play with juniors. Clubs may enter as many eligible pairs as they wish.

7. Substitutes: Should the nominated adult player be unable to play in the match through illness or for other valid reasons, a substitute will be allowed, provided the substituted player has not played in another pairing in the current competition. The junior player should revert to her original partner as soon as possible. The County
Organiser to be advised of any substitution before each match. No substitutes are allowed in the Final.

8. Caddies: Caddies are not allowed in this competition.

9. Dates offered: Home pairs must contact and offer their opponents four dates, including two weekends spread over not less than 14 days. Should the Home team not contact the Away team within 7 days of the relevant draw being made, the Away team may choose the venue, but must at the time of contact offer four dates, including two weekends, spread over not less than 14 days.

For competitors under 18 years of age on the day of the competition the parent/guardian must have completed an Annual Junior Player Profile Form* and Code of Conduct for Young Golfers*, without which the entry cannot be accepted.
*Valid from 1 September to 31 August.
These forms are available here.

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