Captains cup rules 2019

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Captains’ Cup Mixed Foursomes

This competition was inaugurated when Chris and Elaine Tappin were both captains of Kent at the same time – competitors do not have to be current or past captains of the club they represent.

Please read these rules in conjunction with the KCLGA General Competition Conditions 2019

Entries to be received by 20 January 2019.

1. Date of Final: Sunday 29 September

2. Venue: Sittingbourne & Milton Regis

3. County Organiser: Pauline Burrows –

4. Format: Knock-out tournament off handicap (those handicaps to be current at the time the entries close) with two mixed foursomes pairs from the same club per team.
First pair to include a gentleman with a handicap plus to 14 and a lady from the Silver Division (plus to 20). Second pair to include a gentleman with a handicap 15 to 28 and a lady from the Bronze Division (21 to 36). If a replacement is needed during the competition, it must be in the correct handicap band. If a player’s handicap changes during the competition and moves out of the band, he or she is no longer eligible to play in that band. If, after the first round, a team has to play a substitute for a Silver player and is genuinely unable to field a player with a Silver handicap, they may use a player with a higher handicap, but he/she must play off a Silver Division handicap – i.e. 14 for men, 20 for ladies.
Such substitution may only be made with the prior agreement of the County Organiser.
Handicap allowance is half of the difference in combined handicaps.

5. Only one entry per club

6. Entry Fee: waived for 2019

7. Eligibility: All players must have a competition handicap and be full members of a club affiliated to the KCLGA or KGU. No player may represent more than one club during the course of the event.

8. Draw: The initial draw will cover the whole Competition and details will be sent to all Lady Captains of the clubs concerned. In the first round the top team of each match will play at home, after which there will be a draw to decide which team will play at home – notification will be sent to all club organisers advising them the outcome of the draw.

9. Dates Offered: Home team to make contact and offer at least three dates, both weekday and weekend dates, spread over not less than 14 days. Should the Home team not contact the Away team within 14 days of the relevant draw being made the Away team may choose the venue, but must at the time of contact offer three dates, spread over not less than 14 days, which must include both weekday and weekend dates.

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