Captains Cup 2018 results

Congratulations to Kings Hill who beat Dartford on Saturday 8 September at Knole Park to win the 2018 Captains Cup.

Today (8 September) saw the start of a very busy time of year for the KCLGA with the finals and hence the completion of many of our competitions.

The Final of the Captains Cup was played between Kings Hill and Dartford.
Both teams have had to play extremely well to get to the final, competition has been tough.

Kings Hill fielded Michael Blanning 6 and Alice Gazet 17 they played Richard Hennessy 7 and Jill Hennessy 20. Michael and Alice proved to be too strong for the Dartford pair, meanwhile Paul Miles 16 and Debbie Crumpton 23 played Ian Higgins 15 and Tracy Hennessy 22 and once again found Kings Hill too strong. Kings Hill won the competition. Well played to all, I believe they all enjoyed the days golf.

Thanks go to Knole Park for hosting the event this year, next year Sittingbourne and Milton Regis GC will host the final, something to look forward to. The date has still to be announced.
Everybody who entered this great competition deserve congratulations and thanks for everyone’s support.

Captains Cup 2018 full results >>

Winners: Kings Hill – Michael Blanning and Alice Gazet and Paul Miles and Debbie Crumpton

Runners-up: Dartford – Richard Hennessy and Jill Hennessy and Ian Higgins and Tracy Hennessy

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