Society of Lady Captains of Kent Golf Clubs



Society history

The Society was founded in 1960 as a result of a conversation between Mrs Ursula Urquhart of Rochester and Cobham Park and Miss Dorothy Lammin of Littlestone. Mrs Urquhart was unhappy about not being eligible to play in the London Lady Captains’ meetings as her club was outside their boundary and she thought it would be good to have a similar society in Kent. Past and current captains of Kent clubs were contacted and six ladies across the county were co-opted onto the committee. Wanda Morgan was invited to be President, Miss Norah Holland of Littlestone and Folkestone became Captain, Mrs Urquhart became Hon Secretary and Miss Lammin became Hon Treasurer. The Society have an AGM and luncheon in early March each year and have a Spring and Autumn Meeting as well as a Cobnuts meeting for members of 65 and over.
Membership of the Society is open to all past and present Captains of Kent Golf Clubs.

For more information or to contact the Society of Lady Captains of Kent Golf Clubs, please use the link to their website – Society of Lady Captains of Kent Golf Clubs website >>


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