2019 Rules of Golf Changes

A list of the main Golf Rule changes has been put together as well as some links to useful information on the 2019 rules changes coming in effect on 1 January 2019.

20 rule changes for 2019

1. Only 3 minutes to find your ball.

2. If a ball is moved or stood on during a search there is no penalty, but player must replace the ball (page 48)

3. There is a free drop for an embedded ball in the general area (page 100)

4. When measuring a drop, your longest club in the bag is used (except putter) (page 137)

5. Drop from knee height – if dropped from shoulder by accident, re-drop without penalty (page 80)

6. If your ball is on the wrong green or you are standing on the wrong green, you must take a drop and stand off the green (page 70)

7. If you hit yourself, other player or equipment there is no penalty (page 62)

8. If you accidentally hit the ball twice in the same stroke, there is no penalty and it only counts as one shot (page 56)

9. In a bunker, you can smooth out marks if they are not on your line of play, but not to test the sand (page 66 & 67)

10. Any object can now be moved in a bunker or hazard (penalty area). If the ball moves it must be replaced and one penalty shot applies (page 88)

11. You can declare a ball unplayable in a bunker, drop the ball directly behind the bunker and take a 2 shot penalty (page 119)

12. Water hazards are now penalty areas – other areas can also be defined as such (page 104)

13. You can now ground your club in a hazard, in water but not in a bunker (page 50)

14. If you have marked your ball on the green and it moves without you touching it, replace the ball as near as possible to the original spot – no penalty (page 54). If you haven’t marked the ball and it moves you play it from where it lies.

15. If you accidentally move the ball on the green, replace with no penalty (page 70)

16. All damage on the green can be repaired (page 69)

17. You can’t lay your putter on the green to take a line of putt (page 58)

18. Your caddie can’t line you up for a putt, but can indicate a line (page 58 onwards)

19. The flag stick does not have to be attended when you putt (page 72)

20. If a ball is partly below the lip of the hole, it is classified as holed out (page 73)

England Golf – Presentation Rules of Golf 2019

CONGU – Advice to Committees on the impact of the 2019 Rules of Golf Changes



1) By Expert Golf – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chPOtfLUHC0

2) By Golf Monthly – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdrtfMYGlA8

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