Senior Rooke Salver 2018 results

What do you do when the rain pours down and the greens flood? Smile and carry on of course!
In pouring rain the stoic senior ladies of 14 Kent clubs played 9 holes of the Rooke Salver and entered the putting competition.

A huge ‘thank you’ to Dartford for hosting the day and for their generosity in waiving the green fee.

Dartford’s Lady Captain Beryl Coshall started the ladies off on their wet journey and I would like to thank her for her help throughout the day.

Many thanks also to the General Manager Andy Hall and Professional John Gregory, the green staff, and caterers at Dartford.

Also to KCLGA Lady Captain Cheryl Power for presenting the prizes and committee members Chris Corke and Janet Green for their help and support.

Above all thanks go to the ladies who took part and created such a friendly joyful atmosphere in spite of their sodden state! A change of clothes, a good meal and maybe a glass of wine soon restored spirits.

I look forward to seeing many of our senior ladies entering the Rooke Salver next year when the competition will be held on 15th Aug 2019 at Faversham GC.

Jan Sayle
Competition Secretary

Winner: Bobbie Ramsammy, Nizels
2nd: Annette Fraser, Mid Kent
3rd: Sylvia Perrins, Shooters Hill
4th: Christine Stewart, Sittingbourne and Milton Regis
Putting prize: Julie Flanders, Poultwood
Nearest the pin: Sylvia Perrins, Shooters Hill

Winner Rooke Salver 2018 – Bobbi Ramsammy, Nizels

2nd Rooke Salver 2018 – Annette Frazer, Mid Kent

3rd Rooke Salver 2018 – Sylvia Perrins, Shooters Hill

Dartford’s Lady Captain Beryl Coshall received the twos money for her charity as no twos were scored.

Putting Prize Rooke Salver 2018 – Julie Flanders, Poultwood

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