Important information re Eligibility Rule 2018

Due to there being so many categories of Membership now available at Golf Clubs and so many different interpretations thereof, we have found that putting any restrictions on our ladies entering our County Competitions, based on category of Membership, has proved to be unworkable and we apologise for the confusion that has been caused to some of our members.

The reason behind us making these restriction in the first place was due to certain situations which occurred last year in a few of our Competitions which caused some problems and we were attempting to prevent any re-occurrence. We have tackled some of these issues now by other means and the Eligibility Rule will, therefore, now read as follows, to become effective immediately:

“All Competitors must have a CONGU Competition Handicap and the Club they represent must be affiliated to the KCLGA. No player may represent more than one club during the course of the competition.”

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