Lohan Trophy 2018 Entry

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  • Please read and check the Lohan Trophy rules
  • Please read and check the General Competition Conditions
  • Closing date for entries 31 January 2018
  • Final at Faversham on Sunday 9 September 2018
  • For competitors under 18 years of age on the day of the competition the parent/guardian must have completed an Annual Junior Player Profile Form and Code of Conduct for Children, without which the entry cannot be accepted. Forms available here >>

Provided that affiliation fees have been paid, please submit/email your completed entry to the Lohan Trophy organiser – Mrs Marilyn Brown – lohan@kentladiesgolf.org.uk
The organiser will acknowledge receipt of your submitted form as soon as possible.

To submit your Lohan Trophy entry form for 2018, please either:

  • download this Lohan Trophy 2081 Entry Form (Word document) to your PC, complete on your PC and email (as an attachment to Lohan Trophy organiser, details above)
  • or submit the online form below

Important notes on completing the online form:

  • When the form has been successfully submitted the following message will appear at the bottom of the form –
    Your message was sent successfully. Thanks. 
  • You will receive a copy of your submitted form by email.
    If you have not received the email, the email might have gone into your junk mailbox or the form has not been sent.

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