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2017 Club Competitions / All Fixtures

The Championship Wildernesse GC Tuesday 4-6 April
Winter Fourball Final Redlibbets GC Wednesday 24 April
Champion of Champions Littlestone GC Sunday 14 May
Pearson Trophy Final Rochester & Cobham GC Thursday 15 June
Pearson Four Counties Hever Castle GC Thursday 20 July
Lohan Trophy Final Mid Kent GC Sunday 10 September
Milstede Trophy Mid Kent GC Sunday 10 September
Holland Trophy Final Mid Kent GC Sunday 10 September
Three Feathers Final Mid Kent GC Sunday 10 September
Captains’ Cup Final Mid Kent GC Saturday 16 September
Coombe Cup Final Kings Hill GC Monday 18 September
Tappin Trophy Final Kings Hill GC Monday 18 September
Bradley Cook Final Royal Cinque Ports GC Sunday 1 October

Important information for junior competitors

For competitors under 18 years of age on the day of the competition the parent/guardian must have completed an Annual Junior Player Profile Form and Code of Conduct for Children, without which the entry cannot be accepted. These forms are available here.
Seeding for all competitions
Winners and Runners-Up will be seeded in the Draw if they take part the following year.  Coombe Cup, Winter Fourball, Holland Trophy pairs will be seeded provided they both remain the same.


Entries must be emailed to the Competition Secretary/Organiser (email address on each form).

If there are too many entries for any meeting the Committee have agreed that there will be a ballot on the closing date.

Anyone cancelling their entry within two weeks of the competition will forfeit their entry money.

If a member or her partner cancel after the closing date, she must find her own replacement and the Competition Secretary shall be informed without delay.

If handicaps have changed between the entry of the competition and the day of the competition the player will play off their new handicap.  If all divisions are held on the same day her score will be counted in the division appropriate to her current handicap.  If divisional meetings are not held on the same day then the player plays on the day of their original entry date but with the new handicap.  Anyone can play for a divisional scratch prize if one is available.

In Ladies Foursomes, ties will be decided for the aggregate on the afternoon round.

In the event of a tie in all County competitions, the cups, trophies and prizes will be taken by the winner, decided upon the last 9. 6, 3, 1 holes, except in the Championship which will be decided on the last 18 holes and thereafter 9, 6, 3, 1 holes.  If this count back does not provide a winner then the trophy will be shared.

Buggies allowed on production of a Medical Certificate, in which case the organiser should be informed before the date of the event.

Start sheets will be emailed out unless otherwise requested and a SAE (size 9×4) is provided. Start sheets are also posted on the website.

Handicap certificates must be produced for all meetings.

Entries can be sent in at anytime prior to the competition closing date.
There are no “window” dates for entry.

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