County Card

County Individual Members Green Fee Scheme

A payment of the annual fee of £3.00 members will receive the Individual Members County Card which will contain a list of the clubs that participate in the scheme. The Green Fee scheme only applies to the clubs listed on the card.

The clubs participating in the arrangement with Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex and Essex are marked with 3 asterisks.

Rules of the scheme are as follows:-

  • Members of the scheme are eligible to obtain a reduced fee at the clubs listed on the card at a rate agreed on booking with the club.
  • The scheme will only operate from Monday to Friday NOT Bank Holidays.
  • Members wishing to play must book 48 hours in advance through the club secretary or professional.
  • Only one visit per member per club each year.
  • The club reserves the right to refuse visiting players and/or their guests. Members visiting clubs with guests must be responsible for their guests and the guest shall pay the fee requested by the club.
  • Members must ensure thet the person collecting the green fee has signed their card at the appropriate club.
  • The membership is not transferable and any member found abusing the scheme will be refused access to clubs.
  • Participation by clubs may vary.


Download Individual County Card Application Form Here >>

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